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Recent Facebook Changes

Toolbox Studios tracks the latest trends in Marketing, including Social Media. Recently, a major shift was announced that impacts Facebook Business Pages. The following are excerpts from Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook announcement on January 11, 2018: “We built Facebook to help people stay connected and bring us closer together with the people that matter to us. That’s why we’ve always put […]View Post Recent Facebook Changes

Is this site really who it says?

If you’ve used a web browser, you’ve almost certainly seen sites that display a lock icon in the address bar. It indicates the site has an SSL Server Certificate installed making it more secure than sites without one, but what does icon actually mean? A website with an SSL Server Certificate installed creates an encrypted connection between the website’s server […]View Post Is this site really who it says?

A Case Study For Hitting The Ground Running

Or, what the Toolbox team managed to pull off when two companies merged, and, “Oh, BTW”, needed a booth at an international trade show coming up in just seven weeks. Background A client of Toolbox Studios, in the manufacturing field, was recently acquired by a competitor. The buying company and investment capital group were impressed with the strong brand recognition […]View Post A Case Study For Hitting The Ground Running


Toolbox Studios is now a Google Partner Marketing and Branding Firm. At Toolbox, we’re always searching for ways we can learn more and get the training needed to help our clients succeed in their marketing efforts. We’re extremely proud to say we have recently earned our Google Partner badge. You may have seen the badge displayed on other websites before, but weren’t […]View Post OMGOMGOMGOMG!

b.wise Cabernet Sauvignon ’14

Another one we tried at High Street Wine Co. Partakers get 1-4 words to describe the wine. Maria: could be wiser Sarah: tastes like strong wine Katy: baby cab-let Shauna: soft and light, un-cab-like Stan: buyer b.ware 2 stars. But #WhatAWino Disclaimer: we know nothing about wine, except that we like to drink it. Don’t take our opinions too seriously.View Post b.wise Cabernet Sauvignon ’14

Bowling Fools

Oak Hills Lanes private party room rocks! The Toolboxers spent a recent Friday playing hookie.  Actually, playing bowling.  The verdict: we’re not very good, but we had a lot of fun. Here’s the carnage report: one wrong-way ball that got hit by the re-setter and shoved back up the alley one backward dropped ball one fall on the slippery part […]View Post Bowling Fools