The Toolbox Blog

Introducing Our New Website (It’s about damn time)

Toolbox Studios is happy, if not downright jazzed, to announce the launch of our shiny new website—complete with this informative new blog, refreshed logo, and a user-friendlier functionality that’s more intuitive and intelligent.

The “Before”

and “After”

…are striking to say the least.

To say that our effort has been labor of love is a bit of a stretch. While we were all eager to design something that would be the envy of our competitors while attracting major trophies and trophy clients, work for our real clients kept drawing our attention elsewhere. How many times did someone say, “The cobbler’s children are the last to get shoes?” We lost count.

But at long last, our mission is completed—except for the usual tweaks and ongoing adjustments—and we couldn’t happier with the results. We feel our new site better reflects our true personality and culture. It’s now much simpler to view current work we’ve done for others. Equally important, we’re able to highlight services that separate us from the pack of similar marketing and branding firms—including cross-media marketing, social media management, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

We also learned a lot about ourselves in the process—especially how critical it is to follow the same tried and true process we implement for clients. We mistakenly thought we could expedite the design and build because, after all, we were the client. Wrong. It ended up taking longer and it was frustrating. Our ability to work as a team was being sorely tested. But once we got back on track and adhered to our process, the collaboration between designers, the SEO team, account managers, and programmers started clicking. The end result is a site that genuinely reflects who we are, our aesthetic, as well as our values.

We hope you appreciate the site as much as we do. It was an instructive team building experience from which all of us have benefitted. What’s more, it has already led to several new business leads and opportunities in the brief time it has been up. And that, after all, was the original goal.

Job well done, Toolboxers.