The Toolbox Blog

Jake’s Takes: volume 1, issue 1

Today you can write a blog just about anything, whether it’s football or flowers, the possibilities are endless.  This blog is intended to provide a closer look at the inner workings of San Antonio marketing firm Toolbox Studios.  It is important that the readers of this blog get a good look at the thought process and complicated work that goes into every job.  But before we get into the complexities of the industry, I’d like to explain who I am, what I am doing, and why I’ll be writing this blog.

My name is Jake Smith.  I am an 18-year-old intern trying to learn the ins and outs of a marketing firm.  My mother, Cece Smith, is the owner of the company and I am truly blessed to get an opportunity to experience first-hand what it takes to run a company like Toolbox Studios.  I recently graduated from high school and I am pursuing a degree in business marketing.  Not long ago I found how interesting marketing is and I am hungry to absorb as much knowledge about the industry as possible.

The whole point of this blog is for me to collect information about marketing and post it for the reader to see.  It will show a closer look at the process of marketing a company.  The blog will inform the reader of what happens from the day we get a client till the presentation of the final product.  This gives me a chance to show the new information I have learned while working at Toolbox.  A goal of mine is to try to get a glimpse at every aspect that this job has to offer.  Whether it is SEO or Style tiles, sales or finance I hope to be able to give the reader insight on the exciting minds and materials coming out of Toolbox.

But why a blog?  I think it is a fun creative way for me to express my findings and questions for people to see.  It has been made aware to me that people do not understand how intricate the process is for each job that is brought in. I think that’s what sets Toolbox Studios apart from other firms, because the work done here is done with employees truly passionate about what we do.  Toolbox has made advances that have set us above the bar; we are a small firm with ideas so big we can barely fit in the office.  We are a young energetic team that is fueled by our successes and are constantly looking to make things exceptional.