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Higher Ed: Wayland Baptist University


Toolbox Studios has partnered with WBU-San Antonio for over two years to help them increase enrollment with individuals wanting to complete their undergraduate degrees, graduate degrees, and nursing programs. The target audience consists of working individuals averaging 37 years of age and can only attend school in the evenings or online. WBU has seven campuses in San Antonio, Boerne, and New Braunfels.


Faced with increased competition and funding challenges for military students, WBU was seeking a more efficient, measurable, and successful way to reach their target student. With in-house traditional, digital, social media, and SEO capabilities at our disposal, the Toolbox team researched the most efficient use of dollars which would produce the desired results.


After several discovery meetings with WBU team, Toolbox determined the best solution for the challenges was Cross Media Marketing, digital, online advertising, and consistent well-managed social media. We also employed traditional media in New Braunfels to market the newly relocated Nursing program. The combination of these programs gave us measurable analytics which allowed us to continuously refine our message and retarget our media to most effectively reach our audience. Respondents were sent to a web landing page where they could create their own brochure to provide the specific information they wanted. We were also able to follow up with people who did not create a brochure, but were considered as “warm leads.” We would continue to message them with a call to action to convert them from “warm” to “hot.”


Enrollment in the Nursing program increased 41 percent after several months into the campaign. Additional classroom space was added to accommodate laboratories and additional students. General student enrollment decline was reversed and the numbers have continued to increase. The most recent results reflect a 36 percent conversion rate on 192 applicants which translates to approximately additional revenue in the first year. The programs in San Antonio have been so successful, Toolbox Studios has been asked to create programs for other external campuses in Hawaii, Alaska and other markets in Texas.

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